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Born and grown up in Munich, Germany, as a child of German/Chilean parents.

Following her language studies (German/English/Spanish – majoring in politics, economics, law), as of 1984 various assignments such as editor, translator/interpreter, and lecturer for English, Spanish, and German.

Subsequent to studying and graduating in humanistic psychology, expansion of her scope of activities: freelance assignments as management coach, mediator, lecturer, seminar/workshop leader, (non-medical) psychotherapist, and (psychological) consultant.

1990 to 2004 press and public relations officer, liaison officer, (personnel) consultant, senior translator/interpreter, and executive coach for the U.S. Government.

In the course of this tenure, acquisition of additional qualifications, among others in the sectors of human resource management (personnel management, harassment/discrimination at work, Myers/Briggs type indicator assessment), and quality management (quality assurance/control, total quality management/TQM).

Up to November 2008, key account manager for North America in an internationally represented enterprise of the semiconductor industry.

Since 2008 coaching, consulting, moderation/facilitation, mediation, seminars/workshops as well as psychology and psychotherapy within the scope of the service portfolio of the companies go4EQ ( and balance + competence ( – language services such as translating, editing, text design, interpreting, training/coaching, and consulting within the scope of the service portfolio of lingua franca (

Literature and art projects within the framework of "in touch with poetry". For more details on my literary/artistic work, please refer to my website "in touch with poetry" ( – I'm looking forward to your visit.