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Translating (texts of all special fields) (GE/EN, EN/GE)

  • (business) correspondence
  • (business) e-mails
  • brochures
  • advertising/marketing texts
  • presentations
  • documentations
  • info portfolios
  • web pages
  • articles
  • documents
  • contracts
  • operating instructions/user guides

Interpreting (GE/EN, EN/GE)

  • business occasions (company visits, speeches etc.)
  • general occasions

Text Design (GE, EN)

  • composing texts of all special fields
  • composing advertising texts and slogans attuned to corporate profiles (corporate identity/philosophy)

Proofreading/Editing (GE, EN)

  • text correction (orthography, grammar, typography, stylistics, factual accuracy)
  • (specialist) editing (contents review including text correction) - considering marketing strategy/advertising psychology aspects, if required

Language Training/Coaching (GE, EN) (all levels, all subjects)

  • individual/team training (general, specialized)
  • intensive training (preparation/coaching for stays abroad, business trips, business negotiations, presentations etc.)
  • oral fluency training (general, specialized)
  • conversation (general, specialized)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • consulting services and (practical) support in communicative CRM
  • individual/team coaching